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Children’s Summer Program at the
Haddam Historical Society


The Haddam Historical Society is excited to announce the return of its annual summer program, “A Week in the Life of an Early American Child,” offered for girls and boys ages 8-12. This year the program will take place Monday, June 20 – Friday, June 24, 2022
1:30 PM to 4:30 PM
Students will travel back in time to the year 1830 and spend the week with Mrs. Thankful Arnold and her family. All activities take place at the Thankful Arnold House Museum in Haddam, and they include caring for farm animals, crafting with wool and tin, making butter, baking, playing with Colonial toys and games, and even dancing! The fee is $139 for the five days with all materials and snacks included. Some scholarship funding is available.
For more information and registration, go to For questions regarding the program or scholarship information, contact Sarah Neal, Education Coordinator, The Haddam Historical Society, at or call
860 345-2400.

2022 Application


For further information, contact: Sarah Neal, Education Director at the Haddam Historical Society. (860) 345-2400;


April to June

History of Your Town

1. Students take part in a Haddam or Killingworth History Scavenger Hunt. They search for local historical riches, such as examples of houses, churches, schoolhouses, graves, stone walls, signs of transportation, even trees dating to the 18 th and 19 th centuries. A coordinator from the Haddam Historical Society will introduce this activity and its guidelines to the class. Curriculum connection : Social Studies: Communities of yesterday: familiarity with the history of local community, use and creation of time lines.

Haddam Center Tour

2. Students visit six sites relating to Haddam history and government. The Thankful Arnold House, Courthouse Green, The Ancient Burial Yard, and Brainerd Academy all reveal pieces of Haddam’s past. At the Town Office Building students learn about Haddam’s present. Curriculum connection: Social Studies - Community Government and Services: job of the Board of Selectmen, what a town meeting is; Communities of yesterday and today: familiarity with history of local community.


A Connecticut Schoolhouse

Fourth graders step back in time to the early 1800s as the school keeper welcomes them to the Union District Schoolhouse in Killingworth. The young scholars spend the morning doing the three Rs (reading, writing, arithmetic) and having a short break for recess, all with a 19th century flavor! Students discover differences between their school day and the one at a schoolhouse from years past.


March & April

Life in an Early American Home

Girls and boys of today discover how different their roles were in the Early America. Girls stitch a mini-sampler and realize the importance of their domestic skills. Boys make a kite and learn how many chores outside the home depended on them. Curriculum connection: Social Studies - General Geography: regions of the US; use and creation of time line; New England Colonies and Revolutionary War (home life).

To request an educational brochure or register for a program, please contact Sarah Neal, coordinator of the Education Programs at the Haddam Historical Society 345-4972 or


For Brownie Girl Scouts
Household Elf

Explore the life of the Arnold family and see just how green a family living in Connecticut 200 years ago was! Brownies will learn that reduce, reuse, and recycle themes are not so new, and they will apply some of their discoveries to their own life.

Use your five senses while you investigate life at the Thankful Arnold House. Discover what kinds of sights, sounds, and smells would be present for a girl 200 years ago. Use your touch to create and taste a Colonial recipe!

For Junior Girl Scouts
 Visit one of Connecticut’s Historic Gardens at the Thankful Arnold House in Haddam and learn what plants the Arnold family grew as well as how, where, and why. Learn to use herbs in recipes and sample your own homemade dip. This program is offered from May through early November.

Playing the Past
Discover what life was like for a girl in your community 200 years ago. Make a copybook to use as a diary, do some sewing and cooking chores, and play a game, all in the surroundings of an old New England home.

For more information on the scheduling, fee and registration contact Sarah Neal, Education Coordinator, at the Haddam Historical Society: If you are interested in other badges, let us know!

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