Historic Cemeteries in Haddam

Higganum Cemetery

Located along the south side of Maple Avenue the cemetery has two sections: Old Higganum and Higganum Center. The Old Higganum Cemetery dates from 1741. Many early Higganum families are interred here including Brainerd, Scovil, Child, Spencer, Gladwin and Skinner. The Higganum Center Cemetery was organized in 1906

Little City Cemetery

The Little City area was settled around 1735 and most early residents were farmers. The cemetery is located along the south side of Little City Road between Valley Ridge and Jackson Roads. This small burial ground laid out in 1822 contains graves of a number of local settlers including the Clarke, Hubbard, Burr, Tibbals and Johnson families.

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Old Ponsett Cemetery

Situated on the northwest side of Pokorny Road, this small graveyard was laid out in 1761. Its first burial dates from 1762. Of interest is the grave of Abraham Symons, whose grave reads, "a Narragansett Indian student of Eleazer Wheelock in Moor's Indian Charity School 1768-1772, died October 22, 1812, age 63." The stone was erected by students from Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, in 1925. Symons and his brother Daniel were part of the small group of native Americans from Moor's Indian Charity School in Lebanon to join Wheelock in founding Dartmouth College in 1768, which was established to educate Native Americans. Upon leaving Dartmouth, Abraham was sent to central New York to teach the Tuscarora Indians and he later replaced missionary John Brainerd in New Jersey. It was the Brainerd connection which may have led Symons to settle in the Ponsett section of Haddam in 1790. His wife Prudence is said to be from a Long Island tribe; they had four children, all of which are buried here. Their sons died young, but Prudence and daughters remained in the area after Abraham's death, supporting themselves as basket weavers. For many years, the Rev. William C. Knowles, pastor of St. James Episcopal Church and author of By Gone Days of Ponsett, published in 1914, personally cared for the cemetery.

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New Ponsett Cemetery

Located along the west of side of Killingworth Road south of Pokorny Road, this burying yard was laid out in 1828 and is the final resting place for the Spencer, Thomas, Hubbard, Bailey, Knowles, Smith, Sutliff, and Richards families.

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Burr District Cemetery

This burying ground is located along the western side of Killingworth Road across the street from the intersection of Woods Road and near Burr District Elementary School. . The cemetery's oldest stone dates from 1820. Most historic graves are of the Burr Family, but Brainerds, Smiths and Wilcoxes are also found here.

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Thirty Mile Island Plantation Cemetery

This is the oldest burying ground in Haddam and the earliest remaining stone dates from 1711. Earlier unmarked graves may be located within the burying ground. Rev. David D. Field in his history of Haddam from 1814 states that the "Town yard in Haddam" was first laid out in 1662 but was not formally laid out until 1699. He also states that some "persons were buried on a knoll east of the dwelling of Mr. Joseph Clark, before any graveyard was laid out in the lower part of Haddam (Tylerville). Many of Haddam's early and prominent residents are buried here including original proprietor Daniel Brainerd and the Widow Thankful Arnold.

Haddam Cemetery (aka Greenwood Cemetery)

The villages second burial yard is situated on the east side of Saybrook Road near the Haddam Volunteer Fire Department. The earliest stone in this burying ground dates from 1797, although the cemetery itself was not incorporated until 1867. Families buried here include the Arnolds, Shailers, Russelsl, Ventreses, and Brainerds, Still used today, the cemetery is overseen by the Haddam Center Burial Association.

Shailerville/Tylerville Cemetery

Founded in 1759 and enlarged in 1897, this picturesque burying ground located on the east side of Saybrook Road at the intersection of Camp Bethel Road, is the resting place for many Shailer and Tyler ancestors. There are many notable monuments and headstones including the memorial to the two young Brooks brothers who died of starvation in the Civil War.

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Rock Landing Cemetery

The Old Rock Landing Cemetery is located along the east side of Rock Landing Road. Laid out in 1717 this cemetery is the resting place of Haddam Neck's earliest settlers including Brainerds, Arnolds, Clarks and Brookses. The New Rock Landing Cemetery located across the road was laid out in 1829 and is still in use. Every year a Memorial Day Service is held and all community members participate.

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Beaver Meadow Cemetery

Situated along the south side of Beaver Meadow Road just east of the Route 9 entrance/exit, the Beaver Meadow Cemetery dates from 1834. Families buried here include the Dickinson, Brainerd and Odber.

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Turkey Hill Cemetery

The Turkey Hill Cemetery is found along the west side of Turkey Hill Road just past the fork with Cedar Lake Road. The Dickinson, Brainerd, Tyler and Clark families are well represented here. The earliest grave is from 1782 and the graveyard contains the graves of Asahel Spencer, age 32 and his wife Abigail, age 22 who were both drowned in the Connecticut River in 1827.

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