A collection of rare books, manuscripts, papers, publications, prints and photographs relating to local residents, homes, businesses, institutions and organizations and the Thankful Arnold House.

The Arnold Collection

The heart of the Arnold Collection is made of the personal and business papers of brothers Samuel and Isaac Arnold, and Isaac's son Isaac Arnold Junior. The documents cover a period of 1840 and 1892 and include personal letters, business papers, sales records, Haddam town business and ever-political party matters.

The Haddam Collection

Contains archival materials pertinent to the town of Haddam, local businesses and organizations, individuals, and families. The collection of miscellanies of primary and secondary materials relates to the town and all its villages and includes material as far back as 1670 and as recent as last week. The collections have been arranged in sixteen series and includes:

  • Account Books
  • Business & Industry
  • Churches
  • Clubs & Societies
  • Families
  • Government & Agencies
  • History of Haddam
  • Land Records
  • Maps
  • Middlesex County Jail
  • Schools
  • Photographs
  • Images & Postcards
  • Slides
  • Books
  • Events
  • Personal Collections of Haddam Residents
  • Videos
  • Films & Audio Recordings
  • Places

The Harold Barbour Collection

Harold Barbour (1889-1961) was an illustrator and political cartoonist who lived in Higganum from 1929 until his death in 1961. The Collection includes cartoons, illustrations, business correspondence, fiction and non-fiction, pencil sketches, photographs, poetry, and woodblock prints.


This collection of miscellanies of items dating from 1809 to 1946. The collection does not relate directly to Haddam; however, it does reveal some of the history of Haddam and its inhabitants through the memorabilia produced and saved during various periods of time. Items include greeting cards, postcards, pamphlets, periodicals, programs, and handbills.

Thankful Arnold House Archive Collection

This collection contains documents, drawings, illustrations, photographs, slides, and recordings that pertain to the history of the Arnold House and the 1963-65 restoration of the building.