The History of Tylerville & Shailerville


The Tyler family was a prominent and wealthy family that settled in the area south of Shailerville and opposite East Haddam on the banks of the Connecticut River. The Tyler family operated shipyards and a successful river port trading with other coastal ports and the West Indies. Most family members were either shipbuilders or mariners, including the seven sons of Simon Tyler who were known as the “Seven Sea Dogs.” After trading ceased in the early 19th century, residents worked in the granite quarries or farmed.


Shailerville is the small village located just south of Haddam Center in what was originally called the Lower Plantation. The Shailer (also spelled Shaylor) family created a tight-knit community that avoided outsiders. They were very wealthy ferrymen, merchants and sea captains who owned most of the land in the area. They deliberately isolated themselves from the rest of the town and were ardent Baptists. Many intermarried with  cousins rather than seek partners outside their community. Shailerville at one time boasted a post office, schoolhouse, factories and commercial stores.