The Hobbammacko

The Hobbammacko (sometimes spelled Hobbomoco) Club building was erected in 1897 on Jail Hill Road to serve as the club’s headquarters. The club was made up of local men as a “place to socialize and promote harmony and good feelings among its members.” Membership was made up of prominent local citizens including Arnolds, Williams, and Dickinson’s. Hobbammocko is a Native American Wangunk word for an evil spirit who was an enemy of the natives, and sacrifices would be offered to appease him.

The club not only provided a respite for gentlemen but occasionally they would host a social or dance where the ladies were invited. The group however did get into a bit of trouble in 1907 when the club was raided while members were playing cards. Four of the seven members present were arrested for having liquor on the premises. The keg of beer and cider were “supposedly” left on the site by workers. One newspaper report said they were “charged with frequenting a gambling joint and selling liquor without a license.” Some neighbors believed the raid was the result of a complaint by another local resident who didn’t agree with the group politically. The club house suffered a devastating fire in 1916 and the members sold the property four years later in 1920. Today the club house is a private residence.