Defense Warden Report

Pictured is a Haddam Defense Wardens Report to be filled out in the event Haddam suffered from an Air Raid during World War II. Fortunately, no one ever had to fill out the report which noted bombings, casualties, and damage.

During WW II, Haddam, like most other Connecticut towns, had a Civilian Defense Council (later called the War Council) which was responsible for preparing the town for possible air raids from the enemy. The Council had a control center at the Town Hall, a medical division, observation posts, air raid wardens, volunteer registrars, telephone service, police and fire divisions, publicity division and transportation. They later added a bomb squad division. In 1942 over 450 local citizens volunteered for the Council including aircraft observers. The Council provided 24-hour coverage and divided the town into six districts each with a post, warden and corps of aids who had various duties in case of a raid. If a call came in from Boston about an attack, volunteers were sent out to make sure all lights were distinguished, and report to their various divisions to await further instruction.

Many women and children assisted the Council, particularly at the Plane Observation Post which was overseen by Mrs. Arthur Hall with the help of 118 volunteers.